Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this freakin life changer miracle in a bottle

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this freakin life changer miracle in a bottle

I’m free, of some of my Medical Issue.
I have no more discomfort from my
feet and legs and I am stress free no
more sadness I’m alive again.

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Here is a real story about my life of the last 44 yrs

I really got into this business because of my
health, I was in a major motorcycle Car accident
44 year ago.

This is me and my Grandson after I had a TRIPLE BYPASS last March year 2018

After that car hit me and landed me on top

of a Fire Hydrant, I didn’t know if I was
going to make it or not.

I had a piece of his car or my motorcycle
went through my left ribs cage breaking
my ribs and almost came out my back.

Then it spun me around and then cut my aorta 
of my heart then went on down and cut
part of my mussel off on my left leg.

And breaking my leg into two places it was not

fixed until 18 Days later because they did not
Know if I was going to make it.

I was 25 at this time and had a baby on the way
if it hadn’t been from my mother in law I don’t know
what I would have done.

My Daughter is now 44 yrs old and she knew
that I have been in a lot of pain these last
few years, and that medication wasn’t doing
much for me any more so she got me a
bottle of CBD OIL for me to try.

an I am so glad she did because It has
help me so much.

That is why I started selling CBD OIL.
I knew if it didn’t help me that it would not
help anyone else and I didn’t want to be
apart of that.

My story is very true and thank you
for reading it.

Have a nice day and try to help someone else,
That you Love share a little love by helping
someone else. 

John Purvis

540 Sue Dr
Ashland, Mo. 65010

Phone: 573-825-5455

Email: onlineaffiliate66@gmail.com



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